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Why not wind?  Wind is promoted as environmentally friendly, CO2 free energy.  It's clean and green.  What's not to like?

Wind energy is, in reality, hunter-gatherer energy.  Tall white wind "traps" are installed in the hopes of catching a passing breeze and producing "clean" energy.  Flat black "traps" are set to catch the sun rays and produce power.  Just like in the pre-industrial age, lights, heat, television, and so forth are dependent on a good day of fuel "trapping".  A bad day of fuel gathering means sitting in the cold and/or dark.

Modern society runs 24/7, which is in stark constrast to the hunter-gatherer forms of energy.  People expect lights to turn on, refrigeration units to work day and night, computers to allow communications at all times.  Wind and solar simply cannot deliver such power.

Billions of dollars have gone into erecting the wind and solar "traps" and trying to convince people there exists a clean, free energy source.  The result is devasted landscapes, expensive, unreliable power and no more than a small fraction of the power promised is ever generated.

Wind is a renewable energy source--on it's own timetable, not ours.  We have no control over when and where the wind blows or how much.  We have no viable way to store the energy generated (and little hope of finding the magic formula to make electricity "storable") so it's an all-or-nothing, use-it-or-lose it, power source.  Yet society foolishly continues to waste resources and time on what amounts to stone age methods of power generation dressed up in high-tech looking packaging.

The articles and links on this site provide information on why wind is not the answer and by continuing to throw money at the industry, we may be creating far more environmental damage than anyone can imagine.

Be careful what you wish for and believe in.  Educate yourself on the folly of wind power.

One of my favorite billboards!  Idaho's Energy Integrity Project

Green is a color.
That is all it is.
It is not a life philosophy.
It is not a clever ad campaign.
It does not describe jobs.
Green is a color.