Earth Day 2013

John Kerry says climate change is the most serious threat to national security today.  He is right, but not for the reasons he states.

Climate change belief has the potential to drag the world back to the stone age.  That constitutes a serious threat to all of humanity.

We enjoy a standard of living people in the Dark Ages could not even imagine.  Humans feed, clothe and house 7 billion of their own.  Hunger and lack of services are often due to politics—oppressive governments, wars, etc.  Third world nations are rising up out of poverty and joining the US, Europe , Canada and others with warm houses, plenty of food, and a high standard of living.  India and China are catching up to the US with their industries.

Lifespans are long, diseases can be vaccinated against, medical care handles complex surgeries and organ transplants.  We have very fortunate lives in comparison to past generations.

All of this comfort and gains are the enemy of the climate change promoters.  Modern life, based on fossil fuel usage, is killing the planet.  Some say it is too late—but wait, it's too late to avoid all climate change but we can limit it.  We just need 90 mpg cars (remember when Ralph Nader lamented selling of dangerous cars like very lightweight, high mileage cars?  Not anymore—now it's save the planet, not the person), wind turbines, solar panels, water rationing, less consumption of goods—you get the idea.  Radical activists go so far as to say humans are a blight upon the earth.

The major component for fixing climate change is money—billion, trillions of dollars redistributed by the UN most likely.  Kerry says the US needs a carbon tax (one supposes he does understand what damage this will do to an already weak economy but does not care).  Money—that's how we fix climate change.

Considering the astronomical cost of wind and solar, and the physical limits of such power, a loss of industries and home electrical use is the inevitable outcome if these methods are continued.  Wind and solar are variable at best.  Storage is being explored, but has not been successful large scale.  There are no replacements, short of nuclear power, that are practical to replace fossil fuels.  Ending fossil fuel usage means ending modern society, unless a reasonable replacement is found very, very soon.  Currently, there is mostly a push to use the marginal wind and solar and live with limited power.

Many will argue such drastic measures are not necessary—moderate changes are enough.  This does not go with the climate change apocalypse predicted by Hansen if we don't take drastic action now.  It seems drastic change is our only choice now.  Hansen is again saying Earth could end up like Venus if we don't take drastic action.

Whether or not ACC is “real”, current calls to drastic action represent a far greater threat to humans than climate change itself—or at best, the prospects for good resolution are equal for both ideas.  Driving the world down to pre-industrial levels will be devastating.  Massive wealth redistribution will be devastating,.  Will waiting be devastating?  Maybe, but it seems less dangerous than applying the “cure” of stopping fossil fuel usage completely.  Humans have been remarkably adaptable for thousands of years and will continue to be.

We have an obligation to use our resources wisely and to keep our rivers, forests and land in the best condition possible.  This does not mean declaring resources off limits or preserving huge chunks of land free from human habitation for posterity.  We are part of the earth, not a parasite that needs to be destroyed.  We are adaptable and resourceful.  Trying to destroy the gains made by technology won't save the planet nor the human race.  The nobel savage was never truly noble.  Celebrate Earth Day by being thankful for the world we live and thrive in today.

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