Thoughts on the Earth on this special day:

Earth day 2010. This is a monumental day for the Environmental movement. For the first time, they have the one thing missing for truly saving the planet–a socialist government. With money taken from the population and given to renewable energy, "earth-friendly" products, etc., Al Gore’s dream is becoming a reality. Wind was never profitable, nor was solar, but with the new found socialism, this not a problem. There’s unlimited money for the projects. Better yet, with the socialism in place, lack of high paying jobs in renewables is not a problem. Displaced workers can draw unemployment for nearly two years. If the jobs don’t materialize or if the jobs go overseas, unemployment can always be extended.

Another truly startling item this year is Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh are in agreement over the use of the planet—that land is only valuable if people are using it and it has no value in itself. Sure, Rush wants to cover the land with golf courses and condos while Al wants it covered with wind turbines and solar panels, but the agreement is a start. One day we will see Rush in his business suit and Al in a flowing robe with flowers in his hair standing side-by-side, gazing out over the plains covered in transmission lines and substations and saying in unison, "It is good".

One question that has come up concerning renewables is why the wind turbines are white. This question can now be answered: White denotes purity and goodness. Painting them brown would seem dirty. Green would blend into the background. And if the turbines blended into the background, the true effect of these Al Gore shrines would be lost: Al cannot fly over the planet in his private jet and see these tributes to his greatness everywhere. It would be an insult to the man responsible for saving the Earth if we tried to hide these shrines.

"Earth friendly" products are everywhere so we should have no problem getting with the program. Sure, those CFLs have a tad bit of mercury in them, but the power plants put mercury in the air. Fortunately, few Americans are familiar with math or science so there’s no chance anyone with actually comparing numbers on the two (although if you drop a CFL, a hazmat team is probably required for cleanup, but you are allowed to breath near power plants). Nor will anyone try and figure out the actual amount of land required for growing those plant-based cleaners. Time will tell if we can grow organic food and plants for cleaners and still have room for buildings, solar panels and wind turbines. The up side is not all the manufacturers of "natural" products find it necessary to add a pound of perfume to the cleaning products.

The one thing missing from this celebration is the installation of offshore wind turbines like all of Europe has. Their love and adoration of Al Gore is so much more visible. The good news is with Teddy K gone, we may have an offshore turbine by Earth Day 2011. We are so blessed.

Happy Earth Day.